Transitioning to Carbon Free Economy

Transitioning to Carbon Free carbon-footprint

More so than ever it’s imperative for the message to be spread about transitioning to a carbon free economy. Many governments are now turning their intentions to influencing people and gaining insight by studying their citizens through psychology. Their using this behavioral insight to better effect policy that has to do with climate change.

Something that is relevant is something called a default option. A default option is when someone is given the decision without really looking for any other option. Some examples of beneficial default options are things like needing a standard annual flu shot or being automatically enrolled in a company’s’ 401(k) program. These are all beneficial things that are essentially just thrown at people and they see it as a good option because there it helps them and doesn’t take much effort or decision making on their part. Now what people need is a sort of default option that is going to help everyone as a collective benefit the environment and get off of being reliant on Carbon.

One of the biggest issues the world is going to face is transitioning over to this carbon free economy. Here are some things that would push people forward in making the change. Slowly consumers are beginning to see that almost every major car company out there has one or a few electric only cars. That is to say they are slowly making a shift that it is natural for consumers to have more electric car options or hybrids. Gone are the days where there was the occasional obscure model someone would have to seek out and purchase. Major names like Nissan, Ford, BMW are breaking ground with innovative electric and hybrid cars that are not only efficient, but reliable and safe cars as well.

The offering of hybrid and electric models is only one small example on what can be done on an even larger scale. For the most part people do not go out and choose who their energy provider is for their home. As these major companies go through changes they can begin to provide a new change of service for their customers. They can begin relying on fueling their power grid through renewable means. If this means a cheaper bill for the customer then they will retain business while shifting away from carbon based fuels.


Consumer Choice

More so that just the energy companies, consumers can begin to change the type of appliances they buy to fit for a better energy efficient experience. Imagine if appliance makers began creating lower settings for most of their products that ran off of lower energy. If consumers know their energy needs are sustainable they are more likely to keep using these types of products. Thus the default option written about earlier shows that when this option is given to them they manage to benefit from it. Then they will be more likely to continue this beneficial behavior resulting in more positive results. This will greatly help in shifting the population towards a smooth green transition.