United States High Tech Clean Energy Solution

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There’s just no way to not mention Elon Musk when talking about the future for renewable energy.  He has his hands dipped in multiple areas ranging from the electric car maker of Tesla, to his Solar City company that supplies solar power, energy and everything in between that deals with harnessing solar energy.

Now the United States Department of Energy is gunning for Elon Musk in terms of competition, as they want to enter the sector of storing energy. According to the unit’s director that is exactly what they are going to do. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that Elon Musk enjoys this type of competition as his goals are for the advancement of the human race that hinges a lot on energy consumption and storage to run the civilization.

The past couple of years has seen Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy or known as ARPA-E funding massive energy markets that have to do with renewables and clean energy.  Its goals are to transform the way generation batteries are in turn so that electric cars and renewable energy is going to get cheaper for the general populace.

A Cooperative Battle

The division in Musk’s Tesla Motors made itself a profit in the latest fourth quarter after it shipped out its batch of rechargeable products. This is to offset any losses they suffer because of the automobile branch of the business. The batteries are called the Powerwall and store energy for homes and businesses that has been created from their solar panels.

Someone from the agency in the government in regards to Musk stated, “What Musk has done that is creative and important is drive the learning curve. He’s decided to take an existing, pretty powerful battery technology and start producing it on a very large scale.”

She believes though that the companies they have helped kick into high gear will be able to even outpace Tesla batteries, not just compete with them but do an ever better job.

It isn’t only about making the technology better through innovation but doing a better job. Which in and of itself is actually just a means of improving the technology as companies like Tesla will need to put its best effort forward to not fall behind the current competition.

Batteries right now are at an early stage and there is a lot of budding entrepreneurs out there vying to release the next best thing and get it onto the commercial marketplace.

ARPA-E is going to benefit greatly from the latest deal from the United Nations in the Paris climate summit called the Mission Innovation. All governments involved, which was 19 other ones have pledged to double their spending on areas of clean energy research and development during the next five years. The R&D of the United States will be boosted to $12.8 billion by 2021. In the next five years with Obama’s budget increase request, the organization would receive $1 billion in funding in the next five years — just what it needs to stay competitive in the space. It’s an exciting time for battery development.